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Pale Rider

A Bit About Lyndisfarne

Lyndisfarne is a small business which I run with support from my family. I have been doing Cross Stitch for many years but I always found it difficult to find designs that I really liked so I started designing them for myself and this rapidly turned into a business. I began designing charts by hand to meet individual requests but found it very difficult to charge for the time it took to do the designs. The next big step was using computers. I use Colin Fulfords Easy Cross computer design package which I find excellent. I was reading one of Terry Pratchetts Discworld books and was impressed by the wonderful artwork by Paul Kidby, Josh Kirby and Steven Briggs. I approached Terry Pratchett and he granted me a license, to produce Cross Stitch designs based on the Discworld. This means I pay royalties for using the artwork and the Discworld trade mark but the characters - take a look at Pale Rider and the Librarian are special and more than worth it. It is a pratice I have repeated with material from the National Railway Museum and Newcomers Gallery and although it does make the designs more expensive I think they are worth it. For the other ranges I have used other high quality art work such as the birds many of which came from paintings by Edward Lear and the latest range of flowers.

I have concentrated on designs that I like and that fill a hole in the market rather than designs for purely commercial ends and I hope that is what makes my range different. That, and I hope you agree the quality of my designs.

The Librarian